Studio 52 is an audio visual integration companies in media city. We understand how to make positive interactions with your client and promote your products and services with our Branding Video productions.

We believe that attempting to create a brand universally recognized isn’t going to work in the long run. You lose authenticity by trying to please everyone and end up with something vague that no-one identifies with.

Your needs are unique. The brand that you dream off should be likeable and have a personality that stands out of the crowd- something infectious.

We are a geographically dispersed film production company based in UAE and operational at Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman & Bahrain that have been creating compelling corporate videos, short films, industrial videos and much more.

Our production house facilitates and specialises in the indepth knowledge about the entertainment industry which can help you achieve the pinnacle of the success that you desire.

Let us help you rekindle the flame in your brand. Give a call at +971-4-454-1054 or TOLL FREE (Within UAE) – 800-52 and let us work our magic.