If you need temporary storage while you look for a new place to live, need extra space for stock, or want to free up some space while relatives come to visit and are looking for storage solutions, Dubai will have a storage facility that is just right for your needs.

There are quite the number of reasons you might need a little extra storage space from time to time. Perhaps you have taken up canoeing and need a place to store your craft, or you may be an antique collector who has run out of space in the house. Self-storage facilities are also excellent places to store valuable items as reputable storage businesses maintain an environment that is much more secure than the average family home. However, you are entrusting your goods and valuables to another company so it stands to reason that any self-storage business you consider should come under close scrutiny.

You will definitely want access to your items at any time so a storage facility with extensive daily access is necessary. You should have a key and your own access code or keycard so you can enter your rented storage space any time you need to. Of course, most self-storage companies limit access during the very late hours and early morning but this is to be expected for security reasons.
Security is of paramount concern so check the business to see what type of security measures storage companies in Dubai have in place to protect your property. They should be completely fenced around the entire perimeter and have a sliding security gate that is protected by an access code or keycard system. Any quality Dubai storage company should also provide video surveillance, with enough cameras to cover the entire site and a means to record all activity. It also pays to make sure the site is well lit and that you have the ability to use your own lock without the need to give a copy of your key to staff; it is your valuables you are storing after all.

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